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The Stock Market is Rigged.   (30)

americans are too gullible   (27)

Sarah Palin will milk it as long as she can, but she won't bother to run for President.   (23)

You vote every day with your money.   (23)

The Sunday comics used to be funnier.   (22)

Cats own you, not the other way around.   (22)

things will get worse before they get better   (21)

A glass of wine a day is good for your health.   (20)

the world would be a better place if everyone got more massages!   (19)

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush   (18)


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Teachers are greedy.   (-14)

Reagan was a great President.   (-16)

it's Tuesday.   (-19)

animals don't have souls   (-19)

Dinosaurs and primitive people walked the earth together.   (-23)

The Stock Market is Rigged.

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Kolt will hack this site.   (1)

Prison labor will be used to mine asteroids.   (2)

This sentence is not too long.   (2)

Trump is mentally ill.   (6)

Sanders will be our next president   (3)

God   (0)

fuck wars   (7)

Chemtrails are real   (-3)

Working tirelessly FOR what is good outweighs working tirelessly AGAINST what is negative.   (2)

If reproduction were possible only through gay sex straight couples would be altruistic enough to participate.   (1)

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